Elevating the Legal Profession

We strive to enhance the reputation of Somaliland's lawyers, empowering them to deliver exceptional service and uphold the highest professional standards.

Empowering Access to Justice

We champion equal access to justice for all, advocating for a fair and independent judiciary that serves every citizen regardless of background.

Defending Human Rights

Our unwavering dedication to human rights manifests in providing free legal assistance and representation to vulnerable individuals, victims of injustices, and those unable to afford legal counsel.

Guarding Human Dignity

Through a dedicated human rights monitoring system, we tirelessly fight against abuses, discrimination, and exclusion, offering legal support to victims and advocating for lasting systemic change.

Building a Brighter Future

: We invest in human rights and legal education, transferring vital knowledge to empower individuals to claim and defend their rights, contributing to a society where justice prevails.

Strengthening the Legal System

SOLLA conducts comprehensive legal research and analyses, promoting understanding of the country's laws and paving the way for informed adoption, reform, and application, solidifying Somaliland's legal foundation

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SOLLA’s mission is multifaceted, yet each facet reflects a singular devotion to justice. We champion access to justice for all, ensuring that even the most vulnerable individuals have a voice in the legal system. Through free legal aid and representation, we stand beside victims of injustice and those unable to afford counsel, ensuring their rights are heard and defended. But our commitment extends beyond individual cases. We advocate for a fair and independent judiciary, one that serves as a pillar of democracy and upholds the rule of law without fear or favor.

Beyond legal advocacy, SOLLA nurtures a culture of human rights and democratic values. We actively engage in reviewing and advising on new legislation, ensuring that laws protect and empower all citizens. Our dedicated human rights monitoring system acts as a vigilant guardian, identifying and combating abuses, discrimination, and exclusion. Through education and awareness campaigns, we empower individuals to understand and claim their rights, building a society where justice becomes not just a privilege, but a fundamental right for all.


SOLLA’s story is one of unwavering dedication, unwavering collaboration, and unwavering impact. We work hand-in-hand with local communities and the government, forging strategies for sustainable peace, robust civil protection, and unwavering respect for human rights. More than just an association, SOLLA is a movement for justice, a champion for the underserved, and a catalyst for a brighter future for Somaliland.


SOLLA mission is ensure the improvement of the legal professionals’ standard, feasible access to justice, proper application of laws and respect of human rights that enshrined in the “Universal Declarations” and other subsequent International Bills of human rights.


Accomplish capable and competence legal professionals, effective and efficient practicable of laws, enjoyable justice, independent and impartial judiciary, realization of feasible human right protection, supremacy law, democracy, good governance and peace in Somaliland.

Decades Of Experience.

Real Results

SOLLA carry out legal researches for promoting the understanding and legal knowledge of the country thought legal studies, analyzes of the laws of the country for their adoption, reforms and application and interpretation of the laws, to improve the legal system of the country.    

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SOLLA Structure:

  • Structure and Clarity: Organize the text into clear subsections for better readability (e.g., “Supreme Assembly,” “Board of Directors,” “Executive Director,” “Secretarial Management”).
  • The Somaliland Lawyers Association (SOLLA) operates through a democratic governance structure with:
    • Supreme Assembly: Convenes every Four years as the highest authority, approving the constitution, electing the Board of Directors (BOD), and shaping direction.
    • Effective Board of Directors (BOD): 15 members who review plans, identify needs, link planning to budget, approve policies, oversee operations, and manage resources. They also nominate the Executive Director and departmental officers.
    • Executive Director: Leads day-to-day operations, implementing approved plans and managing resources and Secretarial.
    • Robust Legal Framework: SOLLA operates within a defined legal framework with a constitution and legally-binding documents

Hussein Fadal
Hussein Fadal
General Secretary
Hassan Awale
Hassan Awale
Muktar Jibril
Muktar Jibril
Vice Chairman

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Decades Of Experience. Real Results

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Press Release

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Complaints to the ICC for Genocide and other Crimes

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