SOLLA is bound to monitor the ethics of the profession, the fairness and independence of the judiciary, the effectiveness and quality of the lawyering skills respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights;


We bound to improve the legal knowledge for the Somaliland legal professionals to enable them the defending and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the community.


We bound to advocate directly for the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights protection; access to justice, fair and independent of judiciary.

Capacity Building

SOLLA is capacitating the legal professionals of the country, human right defenders, judiciary and law enforcement agencies to enable them to enforce respect, protection and defense of the human rights


Our networking strategy is to improve linkage and relationships between justice stakeholders, administrative systems and civil society.


The Bar association is bound to lobby and advocate the human rights enforcing and practice of the laws.

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Somaliland lawyers association is non-political, non-profit making human right and legal professional
association, which have founded by 40 professional lawyers in Jun 2004, and 95% of Somaliland lawyers
are member SOLLA works with the local societal groups and the government to the responsibilities and strategies towards civil protection on the observance of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the community. In addition, SOLLA engages a process to review the country’s existing laws and advise a process of the new legislations concerns the civil liberties and fundamental freedoms of the community, access justice and fair and independent judiciary system of Somaliland. As an independent expert on human rights SOLLA has established human right monitoring system to eliminate abuses, violations or neglect, exploitation, discrimination, or exclusion from the development process and to provide free legal aid supporting for human right victims. It had a specific committee of experts nominated and elected within the association’s board


SOLLA mission is ensure the improvement of the legal professional standard of the country, feasible access justice, laws enforcing and respect of human rights for social, civil, political, economical, dignity, security and equity that promote respect and fulfillment of their rights enshrined in the “Universal Declarations” and other subsequent International Bills of human rights.


Accomplish capable and copentence legal professionals, effective and efficient practicable of laws, enjoyable justice, independent and impartial judiciary, realization of feasible human right protection, supremacy law, democracy, good governance and peace in Somaliland.

Decades Of Experience.

Real Results

SOLLA carry out legal researches for promoting the understanding and legal knowledge of the country thought legal studies, analyzes of the laws of the country for their adoption, reforms and application and interpretation of the laws, to improve the legal system of the country.    

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Somaliland Lawyers Association has general assembly that all the members meets and held at once in every
two years, the assembly is the supreme organ of authority in the Bar which approved the constitution of the
Bar and has power the election of the BOD as per the constitution. Also the Association has effective
governing “Board of Director”• of Fifteen (15) members, which is functional. The Board of director is the
leading body of the association between two sessions and they review and approves association plans,

Hussein Fadal
Hussein Fadal
General Secretary
Hassan Awale
Hassan Awale
Muktar Jibril
Muktar Jibril
Vice Chairman

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Decades Of Experience. Real Results


Complaints to the ICC for Genocide and other Crimes

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Press Release: Somaliland Lawyers Association Celebrates World AIDS Day2023

Press Release: Somaliland Lawyers Association Celebrates World AIDS Day2023

by | December 4, 2023

Xeerka Liisamada Ganacsiga

by | October 19, 2023

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