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Born in 2004, Somaliland Lawyers Association (SOLLA) emerged from a collective yearning for a just and equitable Somaliland. United by a shared vision, a group of dedicated lawyers, including professors from Hargeisa University and advisors to both legislative houses, laid the foundation for what would become a formidable force in the nation’s legal landscape. Today, SOLLA encompasses nearly all lawyers in Somaliland, a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering the legal profession and upholding the highest ethical standards.

SOLLA’s mission is multifaceted, yet each facet reflects a singular devotion to justice. We champion access to justice for all, ensuring that even the most vulnerable individuals have a voice in the legal system. Through free legal aid and representation, we stand beside victims of injustice and those unable to afford counsel, ensuring their rights are heard and defended. But our commitment extends beyond individual cases. We advocate for a fair and independent judiciary, one that serves as a pillar of democracy and upholds the rule of law without fear or favor.

Beyond legal advocacy, SOLLA nurtures a culture of human rights and democratic values. We actively engage in reviewing and advising on new legislation, ensuring that laws protect and empower all citizens. Our dedicated human rights monitoring system acts as a vigilant guardian, identifying and combating abuses, discrimination, and exclusion. Through education and awareness campaigns, we empower individuals to understand and claim their rights, building a society where justice becomes not just a privilege, but a fundamental right for all.


SOLLA’s story is one of unwavering dedication, unwavering collaboration, and unwavering impact. We work hand-in-hand with local communities and the government, forging strategies for sustainable peace, robust civil protection, and unwavering respect for human rights. More than just an association, SOLLA is a movement for justice, a champion for the underserved, and a catalyst for a brighter future for Somaliland.


We believe in a fair and equitable legal system for all, where justice prevails regardless of circumstance.

Human Dignity

Every individual, irrespective of background, deserves respect and the protection of their fundamental rights


:We champion the ability of individuals to claim their rights, build a better future, and contribute to a thriving society.


We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and accountability, upholding the highest ethical standards


Strong Track Record: Since its establishment, SOLLA has made a significant impact through a range of initiatives:

  • Legal Training and Capacity Building:
    • Collaborated with MOJ and UNDP/ROLS on legal professional training (2004-2006).
    • Translated judiciary and legal professional training materials into Somali.
    • Trained hundreds of lawyers, judges, and law enforcement personnel.
    • Conducted workshops on the Juvenile Justice Bill and access to justice.
  • Legal Aid and Advocacy:
    • Provided free legal aid to over 42465 individuals cases, including remand prisoners, detainees, children, women, minorities, and vulnerable groups.
    • 14,863 individuals received legal representation, including criminal, civil, and family cases, through Lawyer’s beneficiaries secured the release of dozens of wrongfully imprisoned individuals.
    • Championed the enactment of the Juvenile Justice Bill, protecting vulnerable youth.
    • Advocated for the abolition of the Emergency Law and promoted human rights.
  • Community Engagement and Empowerment:
    • Opened regional branches across Somaliland, ensuring accessibility to legal services.
    • Conducted legal research and analysis on the children’s justice system.
    • Provided free legal advice to over 16,986 vulnerable individuals’ cases.
    • Facilitated mediation in over 10616 cases, fostering peace and resolving conflicts.
    • Conducted awareness campaigns on legal rights, access to justice, and human rights.




  • Institutional Collaboration and Influence:
    • Assisted with the translation and legal revision of the Somaliland Human Rights Commission law.
    • Produced legal opinions resolving constitutional conflicts between national organs.
    • Provided legal reports and recommendations to the House of Representatives and Chief Justice.
    • Participated in prison monitoring committees and coordinated with legal providers and NGOs.
    • Defended 1120 cases of lawyer abuse and other human rights violations.

IMPACT: SOLLA’s tireless efforts have empowered individuals, strengthened legal institutions, and promoted a culture of human rights in Somaliland. The organization has helped secure justice for the vulnerable, advocated for progressive laws, and contributed to a more peaceful and equitable society.


Vulnerable Individuals:

  • Emphasize: Free legal aid services for those who cannot afford a lawyer, including detainees, prisoners, victims of domestic violence, children, and refugees.
  • Showcase: Success stories of individuals who have received legal representation and achieved justice through SOLLA’s intervention.
  • Quantify: The number of vulnerable individuals assisted annually with legal aid, demonstrating the organization’s reach and impact.

Human Rights Defenders:

  • Focus on: SOLLA’s role in monitoring human rights violations, advocating for legislative reforms, and providing legal support to defenders facing harassment or intimidation.
  • Highlight: Collaborations with international human rights organizations and joint efforts to address specific human rights concerns in Somaliland.
  • Share: Testimonies from human rights defenders who have benefited from SOLLA’s advocacy and legal expertise.

Women, Children and Minorities:

  • Underscore: SOLLA’s work in promoting women’s political participation, advocating for gender equality, and protecting the rights of minority groups.
  • Showcase: Lobbying campaigns and legislative amendments led by SOLLA that have advanced women’s and minority rights in Somaliland.
  • Feature: Stories of women and minority individuals who have empowered themselves and claimed their rights through SOLLA’s legal education and awareness programs.





Local Communities:

  • Explain: SOLLA’s outreach initiatives, organizing legal awareness workshops, providing information on access to justice services, and collaborating with local authorities.
  • Highlight: Examples of successful community-based legal aid projects or campaigns addressing specific concerns of local residents.
  • Include: Quotes or testimonials from community members who have benefited from SOLLA’s legal support or awareness programs.

Government Institutions:

  • Focus on: SOLLA’s collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Justice, Law Review Commission, and other government agencies to strengthen the legal system and uphold the rule of law.
  • Showcase: Joint initiatives like legal training programs for judges and prosecutors, research projects on law reform, and policy dialogues promoting democratic governance.
  • Quantify: The positive impact of SOLLA’s collaboration on efficiency, transparency, and access to justice within the legal system

SOLLA Structure:

  • Structure and Clarity: Organize the text into clear subsections for better readability (e.g., “Supreme Assembly,” “Board of Directors,” “Executive Director,” “Secretarial Management”).
  • The Somaliland Lawyers Association (SOLLA) operates through a democratic governance structure with:
    • Supreme Assembly: Convenes every two years as the highest authority, approving the constitution, electing the Board of Directors (BOD), and shaping direction.
    • Effective Board of Directors (BOD): 15 members who review plans, identify needs, link planning to budget, approve policies, oversee operations, and manage resources. They also nominate the Executive Director and departmental officers.
    • Executive Director: Leads day-to-day operations, implementing approved plans and managing resources and Secretarial.
    • Robust Legal Framework: SOLLA operates within a defined legal framework with a constitution and legally-binding documents